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For some folks, biking is just for fun; but for us, biking is a passion. If you find yourself having these indescribable feelings about this special sport, you’re very much in the right place. We love biking, too!

That’s why, we created this blog. We want to share our passion with everyone out there, from beginners to advanced riders, and learn more from all of you. The greatest thing we’ve found after years of pursuing biking is that it not only helps riders become healthier, it also helps them socialize and be more confident about themselves. We truly believe you can achieve such great heights, too!

Our Mission

We didn’t have a lot of resources or information to look up when we first started biking. Over the years, we’ve picked up many useful tips and real-world info through first-hand experience, friends, experts, etc. And we want to share all you need to know here. That’s our only mission.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll find a lot of helpful tips like how to assemble your bike, what kind of helmet to choose, or what type of grease is best for your bike right on the blog.

If you’re looking to buy yourself a bike or another one, we’ve got your back! There are dozens of product reviews on the blog. In each review, we go into great details about the bike’s pros and cons. You’ll see which bike is the best for your money, needs, and style. It’s our hope that you can make an informed decision after reading the reviews.

After buying a bike, you’ll very often need to maintain it. Absolutely no worries! We have many helpful articles to help you with that. We’ll walk you through step-by-step of each process. You’ll feel like having a pro (a friendly one) guiding you through that jungle of jargons! We speak in a simple and easy-to-understand language, so riders from all skills levels can totally get what we’re saying.

Our Team

Ken Damne _ CEO, Founder

“Hi everyone! I’m Ken Damne. I’m the founder and chief editor of the blog. If I must describe my feelings for biking, I’d say it’s in my DNA.

I love taking my bike out and over tough terrains. You must have a trip to those hilly areas in California once in your lifetime. From my experience, I guarantee you’re going to have unforgettable experiences.

Thanks for checking out the blog. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime!”

Paula T. Collin _ Editor, Writer

“What’s up, my man! My name is Paula T. Collin. If it hadn’t been for biking, I would’ve still been that lazy, obese, and depressed man that I had been years ago. I am now a healthy guy with a lovely wife and three daughters. I enjoy biking, every minute of it. I hope to share that love with you here!”